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Sell your junk car in Philadelphia, PA


Sell your junk car at the best price possible

We are the largest junk car buyers in Philadelphia.

Who we are

Who we are

Philadelphia, home to the Liberty Bells, the world-renowned cheesecakes, and to 1.7million Americans, is a city full of vivid colors and people. With murals encompassing the city walls, wherever you look to some of the biggest names in American history like Benjamin Franklin and Betty Ross, Philadelphia has so much to offer to its people; no wonder it is the most populous city in the state. With so many people living in the city, you would need someone to take care of your scrap cars, ones you don’t need anymore. In the birthplace of America, it’s time for you to make a fresh start, and why not start with your old, rusty junk car? 215 junkers is a major junk car removal service working in Philadelphia, helping you get rid of your junk cars at the best price possible. We buy scrapped cars all over the city, no matter what condition they’re in. If you’re looking for someone to take that scrap of metal, taking up your garage space, 215 junkers are who you need to call!

Just like the city of Philadelphia, your car must have a long history with you. From being your go-to in times of need to something, you can just count on when you go out for a nice family dinner. And if you are someone who loves your car, you would realize that there comes a time when you need to let it be at peace. It’s time to let go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal out of it. 215 junkers provide you with the best possible deals on your junk cars and help you get rid of your scrap efficiently. We are the largest junk car buyers in the Philly area, and we make sure you get instant cash for your scrap vehicle!

Sell your junk car in Philadelphia, PA


Get your car’s worth

Parting with a significant part of your life, such as your car, can be challenging for people. Maybe that car was the only thing you had in your name through college, perhaps it sheltered you during a rainstorm, or perhaps you had your first kiss in that car. Your car is not only a piece of metal you drive around in but a chest full of treasured memories. But sometimes, you just can’t hold on to the past and need to let go. That’s where 215 junkers come in!

At 215 junkers, we understand it all and assure you that it is the respect for your memories when we offer you the highest payouts for your cars in Philly. We promise to provide you with the most worthwhile deal for your car, something you will never regret. So don’t go hanging onto the past; let us take care of your car while you take out your family to an excellent breakfast, something like Parc Bistro with all the extra top-dollar you’ll be making.

Get your car’s worth

How to scrap your car in Philly

Your car is old and rusty and probably has no more use to you other than providing sentimental values. But is it worth hogging up all the space in your garage where a brand new vehicle can stand in all its majesty? If yes, then you should probably stop reading further. But, if you, like millions of other families, just want to get rid of their car responsibly, then 215 Junkers is the way to go.

We know it was a very tough decision for you to get rid of your car, but now you have decided, how can you scrap your car in Philadelphia?

The answer to that question is simple. All you have to do is call up 215 junkers and let them know what you want to get done. That’s it! You’ve done all you needed to do; now, our team will come to your place to pick up your car straight from your doorsteps for cold-hard-cash. And not to brag or anything, but we don’t even charge you for towing your vehicle away. The quotation our agent provided you on the phone is the exact amount you will receive at the time of pickup, not a penny less.

When in need of a junk car removal, calling us would be your best bet, with a promise from us to provide you with the best possible services and the most advantageous offer for you. If you believe that it is the end of the road for your car, let us be the ones who take care of it from now on.

Sell your junk car in Philadelphia, PA


Sell your junk car in Philadelphia

Got a junk car you don’t use anymore just sitting in your garage doing nothing besides taking up space? Guess it time to get rid of it!


215 junkers are bringing to you industry-leading services with free scrap car removal and towing services. Sounds like a deal, right? And what if we told you that we’ll add a cherry on top in the form of fantastic customer services and integrity. Not only would you be getting rid of your car, but you would also be met with friendly people that can promise a laugh or two.

Sell your car to us at an amazing price, better than anyone else can offer. Don’t believe us? Check out the market, and you’ll see that what we say we mean. There is no need to search for any other services as you won’t find a more professional junk car removal service than us. In the city where the declaration of independence was signed, declare your freedom from your scrap car and let us handle all the technical stuff. All you need to do is make up your mind about leaving your vehicle, and we’ll take care of the rest. From picking up the car from your driveway to getting you the payment for it, we do it all in a jiffy!

Sell your junk car

Best junk car services in Philadelphia

Selling your scrap car may not be difficult, but getting the perfect offer for it along with hassle-free processing? Now that’s something that isn’t all that common... unless you’re at 215 Junkers! Let us assure you that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to 215 Junkers, the company with the best junk car services in Philadelphia. And we don’t make that claim willy-nilly! We help you navigate the process including documentation assistance.

We have worked painstakingly in Philly and the neighboring suburbs to ensure that our clients receive the best possible services and have set up a team based on experience and professionalism, building a strong relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. Together with making sure that you don’t lose out on a single penny while dealing with us, it makes us the best junk car service in Philadelphia. No matter why you want to sell your car or what condition it is in, if you want it off of your hands, we’ll make sure it is out of there at the earliest possible, all the while bringing you the best offer you can get in the entire city. Getting rid of unwanted cars, one client at a time.

Our services
Junk car services in Philadelphia, PA


Our services

215 Junkers provide a vast range of services to our clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ensure that our services are better than whatever else you can find in the market. Besides, without fantastic customer service, how can we possibly survive in such a competitive market. Our services range from Car removal to Automobile junkyard services and everything in between. We also promise that you won’t find better services and more competitive prices in the ENTIRE market.


We know, we looked!

Junk car removal

Junk car removal

This is our major service; our bread and butter. Most of our days are spent taking care of scrap cars for people who don’t need them anymore. 215 Junkers, with years of experience under their belts, promises to provide you with the best possible car removal services in Philly, regardless of the condition the car is in or how old the car is. If you want it gone, we will make sure that it’s gone, and we pay cash for your old car, wrecked or inoperable.

Now you must be wondering, when are we going stop with the cliche talk about selling your car to the best car junkers and get to the point regarding how to do it, trust us, we can hear you think it. The process of selling your car to us is pretty simple. There are just a few formalities we need to see before you and your car can go separate ways.


All you need to do is follow these steps.

Junk car removal in Philadelphia, PA

1. What is the make and model of your car

To ensure that we can assess the correct value of your car, we will require you to provide us with basic information such as the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This will not only help us determine the correct price you would agree to but also save you the trouble of multiple visits just to understand the car situation. But worry not, as we have promised earlier, whatever car you have and no matter what condition it is in, if you want to sell it, we will take care of it.

2. Produce title and registration

Now this one is crucial. Make sure you are a holder of the title for the car and can produce evidence proving so. This is required by law as without proper titles and registrations, we are legally bound not to accept your car. We’re not saying that titles can’t be lost or anything but according to the state law, we are legally obliged to refuse any deals if there is no proper evidence of ownership. Paperwork is an integral part of showing ownership of your car, so always keep a keen eye on it!

Junk car removal in Philadelphia, PA
Get a quote in Philadelphia, PA

3. Get an instant quote

And that’s about it. After providing us with all the necessary information during the call-up, this should be around the time where you would be getting an unbelievable offer for that scrap of metal you thought had lost all its worth. Yes, it is as simple as that. After receiving your information, it only takes a moment to enter it into our system and calculate the value of your car, throwing in a few extra bucks on top, and voila, your quotation is ready. No follow-up, no “we’ll get back to you in 3-5 working days”, we understand your time is important and try to save as much of it as we can. Now all that is left for you to do is wait for the company to come and take your car away.

4. Pickup and towing

Finally, the day is here where you finally part with your car! If you liked our offer, which we are sure would be the case, you’ll be provided with the option to schedule a pick-up at your convenience with our Philadelphia Junkyard dealers. They will require you to provide them with some information regarding the pickup, such as who to call when they get to the location, the actual location of the pickup, and when would be the best time for them to show up in the next 1-3 working days. Now, sit back and relax while our team reaches you at your doorstep and takes that car off your hand. And remember, towing is free.

Junk car removal in Philadelphia, PA
Cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA

5. Payments

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! How are the payments going to be processed? What if we told you that you can watch your junk car be towed away while you hold the cash you earned from it? Yes, as soon as our team arrives at your place for the pickup and makes sure that everything is according to the prior made arrangements, they will hand you over your money before towing away your car. And again, there are no extra charges! The amount you will receive will be the exact amount you were promised during the quotation over the phone. Get cold hard cash for cars that you never really needed anyway.

Auto wrecker services

At 215 Junkers, we provide our clients, in Philadelphia, with top-of-the-line auto wrecking services. If you believe that your car is useless to you, call us up! Besides, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

So, what is the difference between a traditional car scrapping service and an auto wrecking service? The difference is that a car scrapping service will take your car to destroy it and probably recycle the parts, whereas the purpose of an auto wrecker is to break down your car and decide which parts are salvageable and can be reused. The auto wreckers will take on the responsibility of selling those parts and making sure they are put to use. So, you’ll be getting rid of your car, all the while helping someone out and making some money through it.

Auto wrecker services
Auto salvage yards

Auto salvage yards

215 Junkers also provide you with state-of-the-art salvage yard facilities. So, if you have been looking to get your car broken apart and sell the parts, we’ve got you covered. No matter how messed up your vehicle is, it can’t entirely be useless now, can it?

Auto recycling has been a huge part of our business, and we make sure that each and every bit of the car that can be recycled is properly taken care of. Our auto salvage yards are working 24/7 to ensure no inoperable vehicle is on the road while every damaged car that can be fixed, is fixed. You must be wondering,‘why would there be a need for a separate salvage yard in Philadelphia when there are multiple scrap yards present, because they do the same thing, right?’

Not quite! There is a very basic yet significant difference between the two, and it directly affects you as a client. As scrap yards break apart a car in order to recycle the whole thing, a salvage yard will take out any part that can be used and sell it to turn a profit leading to you earning more if you sell your scrap vehicles to a salvage yard. Our salvage yards buy cars with even a small operable part making sure you get the most out of your cars and trucks that have broken down.

Automobiles junkyard

Automobiles junkyard

But, what if your car is nothing more than a pile of scrap metal now? What if it’s beyond salvage? Can you still get some money out of it?

With 215 Junkers, you totally can in Philadelphia. We have set up state-of-the-art automobile junkyards all over Philadelphia to help you take care of cars that cannot be helped at all. Get paid by getting your damaged cars towed away by our junkyard services. And what’s more is that we provide our clients with absolutely free towing, given how if your car cannot be salvaged it’s probably in a condition where it can’t move without a towtruck. Our towing service is completely free for any cost for anyone who is looking to dispose of their junked cars. And you know how every car that gets recycled you help the world, environmentally.

Junk car prices
Junk car prices in Philadelphia, PA


Junk car prices in Philadelphia

We’ve been in the business for many years, which makes us adequately experienced in order to find the best possible offer for your scrapped car. But, you still might wonder, ‘what’s my Philly junk car’s worth?’

That question, although may sound simple, there are a few underlying things that need to be addressed before finding out what your car is worth. We will not sugarcoat anything and tell you that every car will make you thousands of dollars because that would be a lie, and we would never lie to our clients.

So, in order to find the worth of your car, there are a few things you need to figure out.

Junk car prices in Philadelphia, PA

1. Make and model of the car

The first thing you need to know before evaluating your car is to figure out the make and model of your car. But why is that important you may ask? That is because some make and models are sought out by enthusiasts or collectors, or maybe the model is hard to come by and spares from it go for quite a high sum. We would never want you to be losing out on any possible profit that you could be making that is why it is important that we know the make and model of your scrapped car in order to get the perfect offer for you.

2. Condition of the car

Although this is a very obvious step, let us address it anyways. Before you try to get an offer for your damaged car you need to understand the extent of damages it has suffered. Are the damages external or internal? Is the car operable or not? Can anything be salvaged from the car? This will help us find out if your car is actually worth a lot more than what you have previously thought and properly evaluate it. Imagine losing out on cashing a vintage car spoiler just because you weren’t aware that it was salvageable and had a huge demand. We would never mind putting in the extra effort in evaluating your car so that you don’t miss out on anything.

3. Proof of ownership

A lot of clients have constantly asked us if they require to hold the title in order to sell the car. The answer to that question is yes, but not really. When selling your car what you actually need is proof of ownership and the title is something that is the easiest to acquire and the client would have with them. But under unforeseen circumstances, you are not able to produce a title, anything that can prove you to be the owner of the vehicle works, such as, a court order declaring you the owner.

Cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA

After getting ahold of all this information we will surely be able to provide you with the perfect quote for your junk car which can go up to tens of thousands of dollar. Getting cash for junk cars has never been more profitable!

Why choose us?
Sell your junk car in Philadelphia, PA


Why choose 215 Junkers?

We know that the junking industry has grown a lot over the years. So why should you go for us over so many other options in Philadelphia? The reason for that would be our honest, professional, and empathetic work ethic. From the moment of vehicle removal from your driveway to the point of getting it to the car breakers, we think about how we could benefit you the most. We want you to get the most out of this deal. With high valuation and free vehicle towing service, we have tried our best to provide you with the most worth throughout the whole deal. We also have spent a huge amount of effort and resources to make sure that our teams are top-of-the-line professionals. Meaning you will be met with amazing people while they visit you to pick up the car. We value our clients’ happiness and our relationship with our clients more than anything else. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the junkyard services, and the fact that we pay top dollar for different types of vehicles in any condition also helps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions about junk cars in Philadelphia, or are you looking for some answers regarding our services? We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions in order to help you out without much hassle. Feel free to explore the list, maybe you will find an answer to your question.

What are 215 Junkers?

215 Junkers are a nationwide junk car removal company bringing their junk car services in Philadelphia. With the partnership with a lot of big names in the junk business, we promise to provide our clients with top-of-the-line junk removal services and make sure that you receive the best possible offers for your scrapped and damaged cars in Philadelphia.

How do I get an offer for my junk car?

Getting an offer for your scrapped car is very simple. All you need to do is call up 215 junkers and talk to the customer service representative. They will inquire you about the most basic information such as the make and model of the car, the place of residence, the condition of the car, and if you are the legal owner of the vehicle. If you are able to provide all the necessary information, it’ll only take our representatives a few minutes to enter the information of your inquiry into our system and produce the perfect offer for your car directly on the call. There is no need for follow-ups and callbacks.

What if I don’t like the offer?

At 215 Junkers, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best possible offers to our clients but we appreciate you being extra careful. If you don’t like our offer, we don’t mind, take your time to scour the internet, make attempts at a private sale on craigslist or any other website. If you are able to make more money than our offer, we apologize. But if you think our offer still stands to be the best one, well we aren’t going anymore and will gladly provide you with another one.

Do we take cars without titles?

Preferably not, but we understand that it is human to misplace things and a title may get lost especially in the case of older models. In which case we do take cars without titles but request our clients to provide other means to prove ownership such as a court order stating you as the owner.

My title is from another state or under someone else’s name?

If the title of your car is under another state then that shouldn’t be a problem as this happens way more often than you would have expected. If the title is from another state it will have no effect on the deal. But if the title is under somebody else’s name, that could be problematic as the right to sell the car is held by the person whose name is on the title. And you won’t be able to sell that car legally. In some circumstances however it would be possible, such as, in the case of a deceased titleholder. But even in this case, you need to provide proof that you were the beneficiary and hold the right to sell this property. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to transfer your title in PA.

Is an offer fixed?

Unfortunately, the market for junk cars is extremely volatile hence our offers may change before they have been accepted. Once the offer has been accepted, no matter how long the process ends up taking it will remain the same even if it means us taking on a loss. You will receive the money you were promised during the quotation without a penny less.

How long does the process usually take?

After the offer has been accepted, the process can take up to 1-3 working days depending upon the schedule of the towing service. But fret not as the company will call you and inquire the ideal time and day of their arrival at your place.

Can I reschedule the pickup?

Absolutely, at the end of the day, we work for you and according to your needs. If the time of pickup is not suitable for you, you can always call back and demand a rescheduling. Our services will be happy to provide you with the very next empty slot, according to your convenience.

When and how do I get paid?

Now the question that has plagued most of our clients. When will they get paid? As soon as our towing service leaves your front yard, you would be paid. Our service will bring the check alongside them and as soon as they have verified the deal, would be able to pay you before taking the car off of your hands. We pay in cash or via check, whatever is more convenient for you. But sometimes, depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible for the towing company to hold onto a large amount of cash due to safety concerns. If such a case arises, you would be paid via check, but our company takes full responsibility for the validity of the check and if in any unforeseen circumstance the check is not valid, you would be reimbursed the entire amount in cash.

What is the tow fee?

There is none! That’s one of the best things about using 215 Junkers, everything is done for you, absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is give us the green light about taking your car away, and we will handle the rest while you rack in dollars. We understand that tow charges can easily be in the hundreds and that could upset the whole worth of the car. We would never put our clients through that and take it upon ourselves to take care of the towing and removal services.

Sell your junk car in Philadelphia, PA


Read what our clients say about us.

“Probably one of the most convenient services in Philly. Called em up, got a reasonable offer, and there goes my Chevy. All within two days. Would recommend a 100%.”

— Herman Bishop

“It was finally time to say goodbye to my old trailer. It was at the end of the line and in a completely obsolete condition. These guys showed up at the place, hooked her up to their truck, and towed it away the very next day. Very satisfied with their service. 10/10.”

— Oscar Greene

“One of the most effective and efficient service providers in Philly. If I were you and needed a car gone, I would ring them up.”

— Adam Ryley

“Let me tell you, the guys who showed up to pick up my dad’s ford were a blast. I don’t know much about the service and stuff as I was to just receive a check, in his stead, but man was it a good time. Professional, friendly and knew what they were doing!”

— Matt Budd


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